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Transformative Education

Our Philosophy

Learning to Learn


To liberate the creative energy and capacity in our learners. 


To promote the harmonious and holistic development in all aspects of their being.


To foster critical and independent thinking.


To develop self-discipline and self-esteem.


Learning to live and to serve.


Teaching respect and human dignity


Access to a clean and natural environment that fosters self respect, respect toward others and towards the environment. 


Teachers that work closely with parents to provide the best possible environment for the holistid development of their children. 

Academic Strength

The best people and the best recourses


Native-English, certified teachers educated in the U.S. or Europe.


The largest library in the region, a computer lab and a wealth of educational resources at our disposal.


Classes limited to 15 students.



We are committed to the creation of a generation of citizens that will be creative, authentic, multicultural, multilingual, respectful of human diversity, committed to community service, capable of making wise decisions and living up to them, so that they can contribute to the creation of a viable and sustainable community where all of our dreams can be realized for the best.   



To provide a transformative, progressive and alternative educational environment, manifested by the best qualified teachers, working with the best of available resources, applying the best educational theories and practices in a creative, safe, inclusive and respectful environment. 

Enrollment is open for the school year 2016-17.

Please call Annette Snyder at 809-496-0245 or write to snyder_annette@hotmail.com.  See the profile of our teachers for 2015-16.

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